The repeal of Obamacare


Graphic by Suzie Sun

Jenny Li, Contributing Writer

Within hours of taking the oath of office on Friday, Jan. 20, President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at trying to roll back Obamacare. In response to his order, both the Senate and House, a majority of Congress being Republicans, are voting on a budget plan that would help dismantle Obamacare.

As of today, nearly 20 million Americans are under the health care law. The Republican-led Congress’ actions on Trump’s campaign promises to repeal the health insurance law leaves plenty of uncertainty for them.

Sophomore Shreyah Prasad felt that the repeal of Obamacare would leave a negative impact on today’s society.

“There would definitely be many downsides of repealing Obamacare right away,” Prasad said. “Many people would be left with a huge financial burden and would suffer from the impact.”

According to CNN Politics, Republicans are seeking a repeal-and-delay approach in which they would repeal Obamacare as soon as possible, but it would delay the effective dates of key aspects of the repeal for a number of years. That way, consumers would not lose coverage abruptly.

Junior Michelle Jiang feels uncertain about the prospect of leaving Obamacare behind.

“Obamacare banned the practice of charging women more than men for coverage from what I have read,” Jiang said. “However, new proposals can now allow insurers to do the banned practice.”

Mr. Jetel, Fremd’s health teacher, sees the cons of eliminating Obamacare.

This(the repeal) could ultimately lead to financial ruin for some patients and their families,” Jetel said. “Let’s say a patient has prostate cancer and the suggested course of treatment is radiation.  That costs around $18000. You can see where that can ruin a family financially if it doesn’t have health insurance.”
This market turmoil could mean life or death for certain consumers, for instance, certain patients in the middle of medical treatment. While this worst-case scenario is unlikely, some say it cannot be completely disregarded given the unpredictable political climate.