NHS continues holiday tradition of giving back


Hannah Lin, News Editor

This year, in continuing the annual holiday tradition, NHS partnered with Grant A Wish and Angel Tree to give to those in need. Members were required to participate in this event, in which they bought, wrapped, and delivered presents to kids in Palatine and Chicago.

Through the Palatine Township, Angel Tree supports local children and families who may not receive gifts that they want during the holiday season, while Grant A Wish does the same in Chicago. Students received a paper that stated the child’s name, age, and wish. Their wishes often include toys and practical items, like coats, gloves, and hats.

Junior NHS members, buying gifts for local kids with Angel Tree, delivered their presents to the children they sponsored on Monday. Seniors worked with Chicago-based Grant A Wish, delivering their gifts to a downtown daycare center called It Takes A Village on Tuesday. While there, students got to read stories and sing with the children.

Senior and NHS member Kristine Yim thinks this event benefits both the sponsor and the child in need during the holiday season.

“Knowing that there are people, especially little children, that don’t get presents is kind of sad, so having this opportunity to buy a present for someone that really wants one is really heartwarming,” Yim said.

NHS sponsor and English teacher Jaclyn Han believes events like this emphasize NHS’ core values- service, leadership, and character.

“This is definitely one of our favorite and most important events,” Han said. “I think that the character and the service of our students really shines when we see how much effort goes into getting and packing these gifts.”

Han and the other NHS sponsors are thinking about how they can get more students involved in the future, such as having a whole classroom of students sponsor a gift for a child. Gifts typically are around sixty dollars, and if every student in a class contributed, one child could be made happy during the holiday season.

Sophomore Vikram Marmer, applying for NHS this year, thinks this event promotes the values of the organization.

“It shows the values of leadership and service by taking part in community activities and taking initiative helping people in the Palatine area,” Marmer said.