Fremd’s media center undergoes 21st century makeover


Many Fremd students are unsure what to do as the Fremd Library undergoes renovation (Photo by Safa Saied)

Safa Saied, Contributing Writer

The library at Fremd is regularly used throughout the year, but it will be closing for renovations second semester. Fremd is always trying to improve upon their different facilities with modern architecture and styles, the most recent being Room 2, the Business Incubator room which was renovated last year to help incorporate the recently added Business Incubator class.

While this renovation is very beneficial for Fremd and its approximately 2760 students, there are still a plentiful number of people who use the library on a regular basis and with the closing of the library, will not be able to go to the area of the school where they do their homework, meet up with friends, or talk with their teachers.

Throughout the duration of second semester, the library will temporarily be located in lab room 164, the tutoring center will be in room 166, and the tech center in room 8A. Head librarian Toni DiModica mentions that many discussions of the library’s temporary relocation ensued throughout the past few months.

“There was a lot of back and forth because Fremd has one of the largest population of students but the least amount of space” DiModica said. “The decision to place the library in room 164 was the best option for Fremd and its students.”

To some, the library’s closing would interfere with a large number after-school schedules. Freshman Sarah Madden sees the library’s renovation during second semester as an improvement upon Fremd’s overall design, but also sees the negative sides to this change.

“In the long run, the library closing down is a good idea because of all the positive things that come out of it,” Madden said. “But for right now, it’s annoying because I can’t go to the tutoring center, study, or finish homework in the library.”

On the opposite spectrum, as senior Brian Rosenwinkel graduates this year, he is supportive of the library’s renovation despite the fact that he will not present to see the final result.

“I wish it would have happened sooner, but I am very excited for the future of Fremd and its renovation,” Rosenwinkel said.

There are going to be many positive aspects from this upcoming renovation with the modern look that the architects hope to put forth through this renovation. Monitors will replace posters on library walls, new lighting will be installed, walls will be painted with more modern colors, and the walls will be composed of different materials such as wood and stone.

Toni DiModica goes into more detail about what to expect from the library’s change.

“Fremd had been looking at starting to renovate around three years ago, but there was a lot of schedule issues and other priorities getting in the way. Now that it’s happening, there are a lot of new things that are going to happen with the library,” DiModica said. “The library is going to have a top-to-bottom face lift. Books will still surround the library, and nothing will really change structurally. However, the tutoring and tech center will have their own spaces with doors closing out any noise. The library will be more organized with a lot of cozy space. It’s an inconvenience, but it’s small sacrifice for the greater good.”

There are a lot of exciting changes in the horizon for Fremd High School and its current and future students. The library closing does have its negative aspects, but in the long run, students can expect a more improved and more modern look to their library.