Humans of Fremd – “Every person you meet has a unique and unpredictable story.”


“I want people at Fremd to know that even though I’m only seventeen years old and haven’t really had the chance to experience much of life yet, I’m grateful for the things I have. I struggled severely with depression my freshman year and have, no doubt, faced several hardships since. But what I’ve come to learn along my journey, especially at Fremd, is that every person you meet is fighting a battle of his/her own. Every person you meet has a unique and unpredictable story that’s shaped them into who they are. But they wouldn’t be who they are, as strong as they are, if they didn’t undergo those things. My hardships also led me to a road of acceptance: of culture, of religion, of who people love, of everything. I’m more open-minded than I ever thought possible when I first started high school. So my advice to anyone, whether they’re a freshman or a soon to be graduating senior, is to be open to people because you never know how great and life changing someone can be.”