“Spectre” runs at a fast pace, but fails to find its footing


Nick Mayer, Contributing Writer

The latest James Bond film, “Spectre,”  was released on Nov. 6, and stars Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz. To a viewer, the twenty-fourth installment in the Bond Series may be an entertaining way to spend over two hours of his or her day, but a bad plot and drawn out action sequences make it a critical mess.

“Spectre” taps into clichés present in almost every espionage movie by including high octane chase scenes and outrageous gun fights. One standout car chase was amusing and involved exotic cars that people dream of just sitting in, but it was almost ruined by running much longer than it should have. Although entertaining, these lengthy scenes were not realistic at all, and added little to the overall plot.

The plot was interesting but also hard to follow. Bond flicks are not quite known for their complex storylines, but rather their explosive action sequences, which were common throughout the film. The movie bounces around chronologically, but too much was left out and the film felt incomplete.

The role of Bond was once again played by Daniel Craig for the fourth time in Bond history. Although Craig didn’t have many lines for a large portion of the movie he still did an excellent job presenting his character the way he should, as a witty and clever gentleman.

Christoph Waltz plays Oberhauser, the villain attempting to ruin every aspect of Bond’s life. Although he has very little screentime, he makes up for it with excellent acting, playing a role similar to his past silver screen spotlights in “Django Unchained” and “Inglourious Basterds.” Waltz, who is known for playing European antagonists, plays the role very well.

Prominent publications such as The New York Times  and The Washington Post agreed that the movie was lacking in many areas, and calling the plot chiché. However, if a movie-goer wants to be entertained and have a great time with their friends it’s a great one to see, because it has so much going on. The romance, fighting, and car chases all happen so fast that the hundred and forty eight minutes goes by like nothing. Regardless of the poor reviews seeing this movie is not a waste of time. Despite the poorly written plot, the explosive action leaves viewers speechless and talking about the film well after walking out of the local theatre.