Destiny becomes legendary with its new expansion The Taken King


Prayag Bhakar, Staff Writer

“Destiny,” a game rumored to have a $500 million budget and a rough first year with many complaints from players, recently came out with its newest expansion: “The Taken King.” After originally being released on Sept. 14, 2014, players complained the game lacked a story, content, and emotion. With the release of “The Taken King,” Bungie stated that they had listened to the community improving on most, if not all, of the issues.

Bungie is selling the expansion bundled in “The Taken King: Legendary Edition” at a retail price of $60. The game comes with the previous two expansions, “The Dark Below” and the “House of Wolves;” “The Taken King;” and the base game, “Destiny.” Despite its downloadable content (DLC) status, it contains as much content as a completely new game, containing a new race of enemies: the Taken; nine new story missions; three new raids (four for PlayStation players); seven new multiplayer player vs player (PvP) maps; two new PvP game modes; and an actual story.

When asked about a twist in the new expansion in an interview with Game Informer, Luke Smith, a creative director for “Destiny,” joked about the lack of story in the initial release.

“The twist is that there’s a story in it… we’re trying something different,” Smith said.

“The Taken King” came loaded with an actual story. Playing the game didn’t seem so dry anymore and was actually very interesting.

Junior Nick Nevins noticed the plethora of story, as compared to the original release right away.

“There was more story in the first thirty-some minutes of the expansion than there was in the past two expansions,” Nevins said.

Alongside the new content, Bungie also added the ability to read lore by scanning specific items with your Ghost, a troublesome personal robotic helper. This information had previously been only accessible through the companion app that had to be downloaded onto a smartphone. However, you can still read the lore on the mobile companion app, some of the information is now available in the game.

The reward system has also been overhauled and changed to be more rewarding. Bungie has partly removed the Random Number Generator (RNG) system and made it so that the rewards you get correspond with the difficulty of the activity you are doing. Along with this, many of the new exotic items, or top tier items, are available through quests and the story rather than the player being at the mercy of  an RNG.

In order to compensate for all the new content and quests, Bungie redesigned the quest page. Players can now hold up to 16 daily bounties, or missions, and up to thirty-six story quests. This new quest page allows players to not only hold more missions, but also accomplish more tasks simultaneously. Players, therefore, spend more time playing rather than deciding which quest is more important to take.

Along with all these major changes, Bungie has also made many small quality of life changes, or small changes that improved player experience, such as more in-game space and replacing Peter Dinklage’s lackluster voice acting for the Ghost with Nolan North’s far superior voice acting.

Overall, Bungie has taken a giant leap in the right direction with “The Taken King.” From making “Destiny” a better game and improving on its flaws, to adding new content and features, the game itself seems to be worth purchasing for the $60 price tag.