Coachella weekend one highlights

Photo Credit

Jenna Chin, Editor-in-Chief

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicked off its premier weekend with its signature wild fashion and surprising musical performances. The first weekend brought excitement and anticipation as audience members inundated the Indio desert, packing the six outdoor stages.

Drake ft. Madonna

Despite being one of this year’s most hyped headliners, Drake closed the festival’s first weekend with an underwhelming set that disappointed and confused fans.The most buzzed-about moment of his performance had little to do with his vocals or musicality — It was the awkward and sloppy kiss with Madonna that prevailed as the subject of next-day headlines and social media chatter. This is unfortunate for the 28-year-old rapper as the first portion of his set was introspective and thoughtful, though not standout.

Run The Jewels

Comprised of producer El-P and rapper Killer Mike, hip hop duo Run The Jewels amassed one of the festival’s most loyal and engaged crowds. Walking onto the stage to the chorus of “We are the Champions,” the pair set high expectations. The collaborators performed tracks including “All My Life” and “Sea Legs” in addition to welcoming numerous special guests like Travis Barker and Zack De La Rocha. Through genuine audience interaction and an unmatchable chemistry, Run the Jewels delivered a memorable hour-long set.

Florence + The Machine

Florence Welch once again established herself as a leading frontwoman as she commanded the Coachella stage in an electrifying fifty-minute performance. Donning a white pantsuit, Welch sprinted across the stage platform with energy and ease. The band played a well-balanced set with the British songstress belting a mix of familiar anthems like “Dog Days” and “Shake it Off” in addition to new material. With soaring vocals and a contagious energy, Florence + The Machine treated audience members to an invigorating performance, a highlight of the weekend.

Alabama Shakes

Playing the Outdoor Stage on the festival’s first day, the Alabama Shakes delivered a danceable and funk-infused performance. Although the group refrained from playing their breakout track “Hold On,” the Alabama Shakes performed a mixture of material from their first album as well as their upcoming release. Lead singer and guitarist Brittany Howard guided the group with her signature croons and wails, demanding the attention and praise from her audience.

Belle and Sebastian

The Scottish indie group Belle and Sebastian made their first appearance at Coachella following their 2002 festival debut, casting a wave of nostalgia across the Outdoor Stage. Known for their cheerful indie pop, the group delivered a lively and more intimate set. The performance culminated in an eruption of crowd interaction as fans were invited to dance on stage for the band’s final number.