Thank You, No Thank You (4/8/15)

Adam Bieda and Jenna Chin, Editors-in-Chief

NO THANKS: Seven anticipated full of weeks of school

We need a team, any team of Fremd affiliation, to place third or higher at an IHSA competition. We need it. We really need that slightly shortened bell schedule for the end-of-the-day pep assembly; simply, of course, to break the school’s dry spell of uninterrupted, 2000 minute-day weeks. With AP testing cutting through the middle of May, many students are going to be looking for some type of decreased class time, only to find a blank, white box on the calendar.


NO THANKS: Lack of interpersonal education in classrooms

With the onset of tech-infused education, more teachers are experiencing a common trend of posing a question, waiting for a response and quickly realizing that every student’s cowlick is looking back at him or her rather than the whites of the students’ eyes. According to Steven Nolan’s article on The Guardian’s Teacher Network, allowing more frequent time for one-on-one conversation, without the presence of distractions like iPads and even writing utensils, forces students to create logical arguments on their own. In order to ensure that all students are getting the opportunity to publicly speak, high schools across the country are implementing speech and debate courses as graduation requirements.


THANKS: Fremd’s competitive  teams find success at state

From athletics to academic teams to drama, Fremd students have been dominating their IHSA competition this season, earning recognition at numerous state competitions since the start of the year. Sports fans had much to cheer about as girls gymnastics, Vikettes and the girls basketball team all finished their seasons with strong standings at state. While scholastic bowl took third at their state competition, debate team as well as individuals earned high honors in multiple state events.  Most recently, Group Interpretation became state champs for their production of “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.”


THANKS: Mr. Russ Anderson and Mrs. Gina Enk initiate Writers Week fundraiser

If you haven’t heard of this dynamic duo, do you even go to Fremd? Mr. Anderson, “Randerson” as students call him in the hall, and Mrs. Enk, known further as “Gina,” are the head coordinators of that special week we call Writers Week. Both teachers lead lives as educators of sophomore, junior and senior English by day, planning both next year’s Writers Week and the upcoming Write Nite event by night. You may be asking yourself, “What’s Write Nite? Why ‘Nite’ instead of ‘Night’?” The second question is up to your own interpretation. However, Write Nite is a two-hour Writers Week event that will take place at Fremd on May 21. The night will be hosted by seniors Liz Flavin and Sam Yim and will include writing battles, shared pieces, and donations towards Writers Week XXII. The admission price for students is $3, and adults can get in for $5.