Students take advantage of week off in different ways

Pavel Warzecha, Staff Writer

Spring break is known as a time for students to take a week off from the constant stress caused by school. While it seems that almost everyone enjoys spring break, the vacations and activities that take place vary from person to person.

Students often choose to relax over spring break by taking trips to warmer climates. With the Chicago weather being as unpredictable as it is, many feel that the week off is the perfect time to get away to more comfortable weather conditions.

Senior Lucas Lang is excited to travel to the tropical Cayman Islands in the Caribbean over spring break.

“My family and I are planning to enjoy the warm weather and beaches,” Lang said. “Spring break is the perfect time to relax and get away from the cold here in Illinois.”

Other students use the opportunity for vacation to reunite with family. Spring break provides time to see relatives and family friends that live far.

Sophomore Chris Stavrou plans to use spring break to spend time with his uncle in Arizona with his family.

“We try to visit my uncle every year over spring break,” Stavrou said. “I enjoy going because it’s one of the few times we get to see him every year, and it is important to maintain good relationships with family members.”

While many students travel over spring break, some stay in the area for a variety of reasons.

With spring sports just starting up, many teams hold practices over spring break. Student-athletes often stay home for their week off in efforts to try and better themselves at their sports.

Sophomore Kyle Nelson, who plays volleyball, discusses what his plans are for spring break and how they conflict with his family’s vacation.

“My family is going down to Florida to spend time with my relatives, but I have to stay here, because there are mandatory practices over break” Nelson says. “I’m disappointed because I wanted to travel with my family, but at the same time the practice will make me a better player.”

A week away from school presents a variety of opportunities for students. Relaxation, spending time with family and athletics are all popular activities during spring break.