Thank You, No Thank You

Adam Bieda and Jenna Chin, Editors-in-Chief

THANK YOU. Fremd initiates pool reconstruction.

Even if our building bears a hole in its side and the available parking spots have been filled evermore, the future of Fremd’s natatorium may be one of the greatest investments District 211 has provided to Fremd. Not only is the pool getting resurfaced, but there will also be windows to allow natural light into the pool area–a step away from the former headache-inducing fluorescent lighting. Viking swimmers and freshman gym classes can leap with glee as the construction ends by winter of 2015.


NO THANK YOU. Underclassmen go to the PARCC.

Although seniors might relish at the idea of a day off, freshmen will be reporting to Fremd at 7:30 a.m. where they will be administered the newly implemented PARCC test. The test aims to measure college readiness in students grades kindergarten through high school, assessing students in math and language arts. This is just one of the ways that the educational system has increased its emphasis on numbers. Of course academic rigor and success are understandably a school’s primary focus, but how many more standardized tests are necessary to measure these achievements?


NO THANK YOU. Recent appearance of Touchwall questioned.

Over the dusty imprints of aged accolades sits a television-like touch screen computer monitor, a Touchwall by Touchpros. Sure, scrolling through it is like flipping through the pages of Fremd’s historical athletes, but the price estimate for a touchscreen monitor of that caliber spikes up to around $1,100 or more. This is just over a grand to take away the physical authenticity of our current and former athlete’s accomplishments. In the words of Saturday Night Live’s Keenan Thompson, “What’s up with that?!”


THANK YOU. Mr. Bruce is thanked for being Mr. Bruce.

Between his unmatched devotion to economics and endless supply of quotable dad jokes, Mr. Bruce has become a staple of the social studies department. Currently in his 29th year of teaching at Fremd, he has consistently brought passion and humor to the classroom, which some may argue is becoming scarce. He is also the faculty advisor of PAVE and coordinates the VIKES program. Mr. Bruce loves his students, but “never in a creeper way,” and you’d be a fool to pass up on taking his class.