Commercialism taking over the holiday season

Commercialism taking over the holiday season

Cara Ward, Lead Features Editor

Holidays have traditionally been known as a time for spending time with family and giving back to the less fortunate. However, in the past decade or so that image has changed—and not necessarily for the better.

All the time and effort that used to go into trying to get together with family and donating to charity has now gone into spending money on material things. Society has taken its desire for a family-oriented holiday of giving and replaced it all with materialistic greed.

Mailboxes that used to be stuffed with christmas cards from friends and families are now jammed full of advertisements promoting all the holiday sales. According to what seems to be every big name company, the holiday season has apparently now become synonymous with the season of buying.

It’s not like holidays haven’t always been known for gift-giving, but in past years it seems to be the only aspect people care about. Since when did the length that one can stretch their wallet become a measurement of how much they care for their loved ones?

This consumerism is taking away from the real spirit of the season and actually influencing future generations’ views of what these family and potentially religious celebrations are truly about. Children see people focus only on the materialistic aspects of the holiday season and unless something changes, that’s all they will associate the holidays with.

This time of year is supposed to be a happy time filled with joy and loved ones, not stress and long lines. So, it’s time to close all the online shopping browsers, drive away from the department stores and actually spend time enjoying the people who love you and the things you already own.