Fremd hosts annual LifeSource blood drive

Ann Rajan, Contributing Writer

Fremd’s annual blood drive, hosted by LifeSource, will take place in the gym from first through sixth period on Tuesday, November 25th.

According to LifeSource, students interested in donating must be at least sixteen years old, weigh over 110 pounds, not have medical conditions and not take any medication. Additionally, students who have gotten a tattoo or self-piercing within the past year will not be able to participate. Interested students can fill out the online form on Schoology to sign up for the drive.
Sophomore Andrew Y. Hwang is not yet of age to donate but he is interested in giving blood in the future.

“I think this blood drive is a really great opportunity to help others in the community,” Hwang said. “I’m not scared of any part of the process, so I wouldn’t really have any problem donating blood.”

On November 25th, students must have their IDs and signed permission slips to participate. The day of the drive, students will have their blood pressure, weight, temperature, iron count, and medical history checked. LifeSource will take five to seven minutes to collect one pint of blood from the student. After this, students will be given refreshments and allowed to recover.

This year will be head student council advisor Ken Goettsche’s fifth year organizing Fremd’s blood drive.

“I love to see kids come out for the first time and have the experience,” Goettsche said. “It’s great to know that we have a lot of students who look forward to helping others, because ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.”

Student council is working hard to create more support for the blood drive. Last Tuesday, an orientation was held for the blood drive for students during gym class. A representative from LifeSource attended to explain the rules, answer questions, and encourage students to donate.

The representative said, “You’ll get a great feeling of knowing that every unit of blood helps to save three lives. As long as you eat a healthy meal and drink lots of fluids, there should be no problems. We encourage students to take that extra step and challenge themselves to face their fears.”

Senior Prerana Jayanth will be giving blood for the first time this year.

“My motivation for doing this is my friend who got into an accident last year. She needed a lot of blood in order to recover,” Prerana said. “Although I’m scared of donating blood, the small prick I’ll feel is nothing in comparison to the pain she had to go through.”